PREMIUM ingredients  



Simple. Healthy.

Premium Poppers gourmet popcorn is made with the notion that simplicity in ingredients makes for the best taste. Using only the finest and necessary ingredients in our product, shoppers can be assured they will enjoy an additive and preservative free snack. We pride ourselves in our popcorn and love hearing from happy customers that enjoy fresh popcorn as much as we do!


Our corn

We pop our popcorn fresh in North Texas after it is grown in Missouri. After 19 years of supplying grocery stores, Premium Poppers has become something of an American tradition. Here's to enjoying snacks we can be proud of.

Non Gmo Corn

Our corn comes from American farms that use certified non-GMO seeds.

Nut Free

Our products are completely nut free, and our facility does not process any nuts.

Gluten Free

Corn (including popcorn) is naturally gluten free.

No trans fat

That's right, and no cholesterol, preservatives, or dairy.


We love our customers




Premium Poppers was founded in 1999 to bring fresh popcorn to several local grocery stores near our site's location in North Texas. Today, we proudly supply hundreds of stores in the DFW area as well as special event venues. We deliver to more stores every month and look forward to having our products more accessible to all!


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