Q. Where can I buy your popcorn?

A. Our popcorn is available in select Albertsons, Tom Thumbs, & Kroger stores, as well as many other food stores in North Texas. Contact your local grocery store for availability.

For bulk order information please contact us. Keep in mind we are a  wholesale company but we will do our best to accommodate your needs. You can order online through amazon.


Q. What food allergies do i need to know about?

A. Our popcorn contains non-GMO kernels, a refined coconut oil blend, and seasoned popcorn salt. Beta carotene, a natural pigment, is added to the popping oil for color. No nuts are used in the process or in the facility or our equipment.


I Have Another Question!

Don't hesitate to contact us! Reach out to us via email, give us a call, or through social media. We love hearing from y'all!